Introducing young adults who are thriving with or past their diagnosis, with a Q&A welcoming them on ThrivR. “Meet” the many incredible young adults who are not just surviving but THRIVING in life; all while facing cancer!

Take control of your narrative with a page dedicated to YOU and how you wish to express yourself living as a THRIVR! Create your profile on your timeline with the ability to journal, blog, and most importantly showcase to the world (and your local community) what it means to thrive over survive.

Live around Eastern New York and looking to meet others with cancer?
Are you outside this area? Don’t worry, it’s an open group. Have questions,
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Tell us a time when healthcare has failed you; whether it was because of a policy, insurance, hospital, or other healthcare professionals. The goal of this series is to collect and share experiences that can help inspire others through adversity, while also generating advocacy to reform the way we are treated. Contact us for more details