Stage IVc, 2018
Colorectal Cancer
Albany, New York, USA
Status: N.E.D / Surveillance


  • AUGUST 2018
    Started Acupuncture
    Started Yoga & Meditation

  • OCTOBER 2018
    Completed 6th round of FOLFOX
    First CT Scan – Overall Regression

    Lung Lesion cleared, Colon/Rectal tumors shrunk, Liver lesions Shrunk

  • FEBRUARY 2019
    Completed 12 rounds of FOLFOX
    Second CT Scan – Progression

    Colon/Rectal tumors grew, Liver lesions grew

    Chemo Break Vacation

  • MARCH 2019
    Started FOLFIRI Regiment

  • MAY 2019
    Completed 18 rounds of FOLFIRI
    Added Avastin to FOLFIRI regiment
    Third CT Scan – Stability

    Chemo Break Vacation

  • AUGUST 2019
    Completed 24 rounds of FOLFIRI
    Fourth CT Scan – Progression

    Lymph Nodes, Liver, & Colon/Rectum aggressively grew

  • SEPTEMBER 2019
    Started Certuminab & Irenotcean (C&i) Regiment

    Started Helminthic Therapy (Hookworm Therapy) 10 Worms

  • NOVEMBER 2019
    Preformed True Storytelling w/ TMI
    Completed 7 rounds of C&I

    Fourth CT Scan – Regression
    Lymph Nodes cleared, Liver, & Colon/Rectum aggressively shrunk

  • DECEMBER 2019
    Cleared for Surgery
    Total Colectomy with radical Liver Resection & Ablation

  • JANUARY 2020
    Completed 41st round of Chemo
    Total Colectomy, 4 Liver Ablations, 1 Liver Resection, Partial Diaphram Resection, and Illeoostomy

  • MARCH 2020
    Cleared to be active (6-week Post-Op)
    Resumed playing Soccer

    Altered Diet
    Focused on eating a primarily plant-based diet

    Second Innoculation of Helminthic Therapy (20 worms)

  • APRIL 2020
    Ran first Post-Op 5k
    Completed 55 rounds of Chemo
    Fifth CT Scan – No Active Disease

    Still in remission from Cancer (woo!)

  • JUNE 2020
    Completed 65 rounds of Chemo
    Sixth CT Scan – No Active Disease

    YUP, still in remission from Cancer

  • JULY 2020
    Completed 65 rounds of Chemo

    Celebrated my SECOND Thriverversity

    Chemo Break Vacation to Portland, OR

  • SEPTEMBER 2020
    Completed 80th round of Chemo
    Seventh CT Scan – No Active Disease

    In remission from Cancer (woo!)
    Started Graduate School for MBA

  • JANUARY 2021
    Completed 100th round of Chemo
    Eighth CT Scan – Reoccurrence
    Big mesenteric mass in perineum
    First PET SCAN – Cancer Is Back
    Multiple small mass
    Restarted FOLFIRI Regiment
    Added Certuimab to FOLFIRI

  • MARCH 2021
    Chemo Break Vacation to Florida

    Started CAREOncology Protocol
    Started Integrative Oncology
    High dose Vitamin-C IV Therapy
    Metabolic Protocol
    CARE Oncology Protocol

  • APRIL 2021
    Completed 105 rounds of Chemo
    Eighth CT Scan – Progression
    Lymph Nodes & Left Lung nodules
    Standard Chemotherapy Exhausted
    Sought out Clinical Trials

  • MAY 2021
    Started First Clinical (Phase II) Trial
    NIH Funded trial in Bethesda, MD; every 2 weeks for Experimental Immunotherapy
    Started Partnership with STOUQ
    Ostomy positive community
    Started Partnership with OneVillage
    Cancer community organziation

  • JUNE 2021
    Ninth CT Scan – Mixed Results

    New aggressive Liver lesion, slight growth in lung nodules, mesenteric masses shrunk

  • July 2021
    Completed 4 rounds of Immunotherapy

    Tenth CT Scan – Mixed Results
    Only 1 Liver lesion, stable Lung Nodules, mesenteric masses shrunk
    Celebrated my THIRD Thriverversity

    Chemo break vacation to Detriot, MI

  • AUGUST 2021
    Cleared for Surgery
    Liver Resection Surgery & Mesesenric Mass Biopsy

  • SEPTEMBER 2021
    Liver Resection, 3 Liver Ablations, partial Diaphram Resection

  • OCTOBER 2021
    Restarted Helminthic Therapy
    Third Innoculation of Helminthic Therapy
    (10 Worms)

  • NOVEMBER 2021
    Eleventh CT Scan – STABILITY
    No suspicious lesions, Lung nodules resolved, Mesesntric masses calcified, Desmoid Tumor stable

  • DECEMBER 2021
    Fourth Innoculation of Helminthic Therapy (6 worms)

  • FEBRUARY 2022
    Eleventh CT Scan – STABILITY
    No suspicious lesions, Desmoid Tumor grew slightly
    CEA lowered to 1.9 (from 3.7)

    Modified CareOncology Protocol
    – Added transdermal Metformin and Doxyclinine

  • APRIL 2022
    Fifth Innoculation of Helminthic Therapy (7 worms)

    Obtained Medical Cannabis & Healthcare Certificate
    Syracuse University

    CEA level rose to 2.1 (from 1.9)

  • MAY 2022
    Twelfth CT Scan – STABILITY
    No suspicious lesions, Desmoid Tumor grew slightly
    CEA level lowered to 1.4 (from 2.1)

    Integrated Medicine break

  • JUNE 2022
    Bloodwork great, CEA Level rose to 2.7 (from 1.9)

    Continued CARE Oncology Protocol

  • JULY 2022
    Celebrated my 4th Thriverversity & 34th Birthday

    Bloodwork great, CEA level rose to 2.8 (from 2.7)

  • Thirteen CT Scan – STABILITY
    No suspicious lesions, Desmoid Tumor grew stable
    CEA level lowered to 1.6 (from 2.8). All bloodwork great.
    Continuing current adjunct therapy

  • AUGUST 2022

    Bloodwork great, CEA level rose to 2.7 (from 1.6)

  • SEPTEMBER 2022

    Bloodwork great, CEA level stable at 2.7

  • OCTOBER 2022

    Bloodwork great, CEA level slightly lowered to 2.6 (from 2.7)

    Continued CARE Oncology Protocol (adding in Membendazole)

  • NOVEMBER 2022

    Fourteenth CT Scan – STABILITY
    No suspicious lesions, Desmoid Tumor grew stable
    CEA level lowered to 2.1 (from 2.6). Bloodwork good, and liver enzymes are slightly higher

  • DECEMBER 2022

    CEA level high to 5.6 (from 2.1). Bloodwork good otherwise.

Progress is never linear, nor can be completed in a day. Focus on the overall goal and enjoy the ups and downs for what they do; opening your mind to life!

Jonny is an unapologetic Stage IV (metastatic) Cancer Thriver from Albany, NY. On his Instagram page, @pugggslife, he shares his experiences as a cancer patient, educator, and advocate. Jonny founded Thrivr, a space to empower young adults affected by cancer through the power of storytelling and connection.

Instead of celebrating his 30th birthday with the usual hike and kayaking trip, Jonny was forced to make a decision that would change the rest of his life – start chemotherapy or undertake a major surgery for his surprising diagnosis – Stage IV Colorectal Cancer! Given only months to live if left untreated or just “five years” on conventual treatments, Jonny decided that statistics had no claim on his life.

He sought to continue his busy lifestyle by traveling, playing soccer on his club team, and continuing his passion for advocacy on Healthcare, LGBTQ, and Storm chasing. Through his own exposure to true storytelling and a partnership with a great friend Jonny co-founded ThrivR. An initiative focusing on creating a platform owned by young adults to further express their life with and without cancer front-of-mind.

After going through a Total Colectomy, Liver Resection, and 76 rounds of chemotherapy he finally reached remission in early 2020. Unfortunately, as cancer is, especially at a late stage, reoccurrence can occur and in January 2021 his cancer returned; while still ongoing weekly chemo treatments. Not looking back, Jonny has his mindset on hitting remission again by introducing three natural therapies, The Metabolic Protocol, RSO, and Vitamin C IV Therapy, while surpassing his 100th chemo treatment! His battle continues as he connected with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) outside of Washington DC, where he has joined his first clinical trial with a series of experimental immunotherapy drugs.

Jonny now enjoys weekly competitive soccer games, providing advisory consulting with his local GLSEN chapter; all while engaged in an experimental clinical trial at the National Institutes of Health either every two weeks. Shortly after five immunotherapy rounds and another Liver Resection surgery, his prognosis changed for the better as his last CT scan showed clear margins from his previous results, including resolved Lung and Mesesntric tumors. 🙂


*Coming Soon* 11/2022: Jonny’s 4th appearance on WRPI 91.5PM HomeRadio Talk Show in late 2022, talking about the inequities involved in healthcare and his new career with the Alliance for Positive Health – focusing on upcoming World AIDS Day.

11/2022: Jonny’s 3rd appearance on WRPI 91.5PM HomeRadio Talk Show in late 2022, on a panel with co-hosts Ray & Ulysses discussing our unique cancer perspectives.

2/2022: Jonny’s feature on “The C Word Radio” podcast

2/2020: Jonny’s 2nd appearance on WRPI 91.5PM HomeRadio Talk Show in early 2020, updating on his journey through his first surgery which made remission possible.

2/2019: Jonny’s 1st appearance on WRPI 91.5 HomeRadio Talk Show in early 2019 talks about his recent cancer diagnosis and plans for an upcoming initiative called ThrivR.

After deep reflection, I come to this conclusion; blame has no place in life built on purpose!


10/2019 – MHA in Ulster County: TMI Project: Kingston, NY

After deep reflection, I come to this conclusion; blame has no place in life built on purpose!

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January 12th, 2021

January 6th 2021 was not just an “off” day for myself but it seemed like the world was on fire. COVID fatigue, an insurrection at the Capitol, and getting told that my cancer has come back with high progression…

January 6th 2021

day started off with waking up in damp night sweat, from a combination of anxiety and flux. Today was my appointment with my oncologist to review my routine CT scan monitoring my NED status. Little did my doctor know that my results were already sent and read to me the day before…