Our Mission

Empowering young adults affected by cancer through the power of storytelling and connection.

Offering a platform for survivors and thrivers alike to come together in solidarity, support, and confidence.

Our Vision

Envisioning a world where young adults with a history of cancer are empowered by the ThrivR mindset and values. We intent to create a platform:
– For individuals to connect, educate, inspire, and advocate;
– Shift cultural narratives and misconceptions surrounding cancer; and
– Upholding reform, awareness, and resources for those in need

Our Values

We believe in empowering young adults affected by cancer through the ThrivR Mindset:
Transform – accepting the changing environment you are experiencing
Harmonize – syncing your body, mind, and spirit
Restore – reestablishing your connection with the world
Inspire – seeking and recognizing the motivation that fuels their journey
Vocalize – finding your “voice” from the discovery of self-advocacy


You might have noticed that we have no “E” listed in our name; that is not on purpose. THRIVR‘s mission is centered around EMPOWERMENT, in fact, each value when summed up equates to empowerment.

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